Genealogy Links

Here's where you can check if your ancestor was a Union Sailor or Soldier or your ancestor had a brother or half-brother who was such a soldier. 

Members of Kennesaw Camp #3 will provide genealogical search assistance to prospective members. Contact by email

National Park Service - Civil War Sailors and Soldiers System  (Names can be mispelled - database not 100% inclusive)

Sons of Union Veterans National Graves Registration Database 

Find A Grave  (Many Find A Grave memorials have pictures of grave markers.  Union Veterans may have service information on their grave marker)

Galileo (Through GALILEO, Georgia citizens have access to authoritative, subscription-only information that isn't available through free search engines or Web directories- a password can be obtained at a Georgia public library after getting a library card for access at home).

Georgia Room of Cobb County Central Library (Marietta, GA) (paid subscription service)


Medicine in the American Civil War  

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