Welcome to Kennesaw Mountain Camp #3

Department of Georgia and South Carolina of the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War

"Preserving the Memory of the Grand Army of the Republic and our Ancestors who Fought to Preserve the Union 1861 - 1865"


Kennesaw Mountain Camp #3 meets on the last Saturday of the month at the Marietta Country Club at 9:00 a.m.   The meetings are open to the public and anyone interested in the Camp is more than welcome to attend these meetings.  Click on the directions link at the top of the page for directions to the Marietta County Club in Kennesaw, GA.


The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is a patriotic and educational organization, similar to the Grand Army of the Republic. It was founded on November 12, 1881 and incorporated by Act of Congress August 20, 1954. The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is the legal heir to and representative of the Grand Army of the Republic. More on About Us page  

Join Us:

Membership is open to men who are directly descended from a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or member of the Revenue Cutter Service (or directly descended from a brother, sister, half brother or half sister of such Soldier).   Men who do not have the ancestry to qualify for hereditary membership may become Associate members.  All men with a genuine interest in the Civil War and can subscribe to the purpose and objects of SUVCW are welcome to join.  More on Dept of GA and SC website on Membership Eligibility and Application page.  Direct link to fillable application form 

There is a misconception that SUVCW is all about being a Civil War reenactor.  While there is a ceremonial uniformed military component of the SUVCW in the Sons of Veterans Reserve (SVR), the majority of the members are interested in the Civil War as history or family history enthusiasts.  The SVR Units participate in Civil War related ceremonies, parades, living history programs, and re-enactments.

Membership inquiry:  mreither84@att.net  

What does the membership certificate look like?  See membership certificate page

Do I have an ancestor?

Here's where you can quickly check if your ancestor was a Union Sailor or Soldier or your ancestor had a brother or half-brother who was such a soldier. 

National Park Service - Civil War Sailors and Soldiers System  (Names can be mispelled - database not 100% inclusive)

Additional resources are on the  Genealogy links page

Members of Kennesaw Mountain Camp #3 will provide genealogical search assistance to prospective members.  Request assistance by sending email


Kennesaw Mountain Camp #3 draws members from the communities principally Northwest Georgia from Marietta, GA to the Alabama and Tennessee state lines.

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