Ancestor Honor Roll

Member                                Ancestor                                   Rank / Company / Regiment / State                         Grave Location                    Link to Memorial

David Beam                          William W. Bean                     Private, Company H, 70th Infantry, Indiana                Spencer, IN                         William W. Bean

Mark Rowell                          William Green Beadles           Private, Company H, 80th Infantry, Indiana                Pike County, IN                   William Green Beadles

Mark Hale                             Christian Freer                        Private, Company E, 148th Infantry, New York           Ballston Spa, NY                 Christian Freer

Richard Morrison                  Michael Sheehan                    1st Regiment, Minnesota Calvary                               Bath, MN                             Michael Sheehan

Michael Reither                    John T. Reither                        Private, Company C, 100th Infantry, Ohio                  Wayne, OH                         John T. Reither

Michael Reither                    Henry Reither                          Private, Company K, 185th Infantry, Ohio                  Louisville, KY                       Henry Reither

Robert Mumford                   Thomas A. Conaway               Private, Company A, 148th Infantry, Pennsylvania     Vermillion Cty, IL                 Thomas Conaway

Robert Mumford                   William Henry Mumford           Private, Company E, 49th Infantry, Missouri              Lincoln Cty, MO                   William Mumford

Hamilton Jansen                   John "Jack" Hamilton              Captain, Company E, 83rd Infantry, Indiana               Elrod, IN                             John Hamilton

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